Central Texas style barbecue crafted using only wood, fire, steel, and high quality ingredients.

We have long had a love for cooking. It’s one of our favorite things to do together. Typically that means Eric working the grill or smoker and all things meat, while Brittany creates masterpieces inside the kitchen.
Our philosophy is simple. We bring things we love eat to friends and family. That mostly means a hearty meal cooked slowly with attention to the small things that make good food so enjoyable.

During a business trip to Texas, Eric accidentally discovered a whole new world that he had to bring back to Tennessee- Central Texas barbecue. Cooked slow with simple seasonings and high quality, beef-focused meats over nothing but hardwood and iron, it takes a dedication and patience that many pitmasters lack. No propane, no machine to turn the meat. Just fire, wood, and iron.

Served with simple sides and colorful garnishment such as pickles and onions, sauce and bread are optional.
We’re not setting out to reinvent the way Tennessee does barbecue. But we want to change the perspective of those who experience it.

And that is why we created Smoked Pickle Barbecue.